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ESL (English as a Second Language)

English as a Second Language (ESL) program for the District is a scope and sequence that builds and develops linguistic proficiency for non-native English speakers. All students are assured a high quality English linguistic learning experience based on the six language skills: listening, speaking, reading, writing, critical thinking/learning strategies, and culture.

Student Assistance Program (SAP)

A specially trained team of staff members is available to offer assistance to students. The Elementary School program, called SAP, consists of an intervention team staffed by teachers, the guidance counselor, school nurse, administrator, and appropriate support agencies for the county (Mental Health and Retardation, Drug and Alcohol, and Juvenile Court Offices) trained to identify and refer "at risk" students for appropriate treatment. High risk concerns include: substance abuse, sexual abuse, depression and suicide prevention. Referrals for high-risk students may come from students, parents, teachers, counselors, or any employee of the district. Anyone concerned about the emotional or physical well-being of a student is encouraged to contact a member of SAP. Information about the program is available by calling the principal or a team member at 570-427-8687.

Special Education Services

The Weatherly Area Elementary/Middle School provides 5 learning support programs and has 2 multiple disabilities classes for students with special needs, each with a highly qualified teacher. The IEP team strives to provide each individual with special needs with the maximum opportunities of services provided within the general education curriculum utilizing differentiated instruction. These services are balanced with direct instruction in skill areas needing more explicit instruction to create a truly individualized program for each student. All related services are provided through the Weatherly Area School District or the Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit. Weatherly Area Elementary/Middle School prides itself in providing a full continuum of options to meet the needs of students.

About the Health Services

A school nurse is available in the district to provide services for all students who may require attention because of injury or illness. The nurse is responsible for checking students with suspected contagious diseases. A student may be sent home until the contagious condition has been checked by a physician and written permission granted for the student's return to school. The school nurse maintains health records for each student and performs vision, hearing and height/weight measurement checks. The nurse also assists the school dentist and physician during dental and physical examinations. Medication to be administered to students during the school day must be properly and accurately labeled and sent to school with written directions for administration. These medications will be stored by the school nurse. Students are not permitted to take medication in their possession or take medication by themselves while in school. Health services are limited by law. We encourage parents to seek medical attention for their children from their private physician when illness or accidents occur outside of school. The school cannot provide the necessary health services that may be warranted. Generally, unless there is acute distress, vomiting and/or a fever, the nurse will contact the parent and/or guardian when necessary. 

Parents should bring to the attention of the school nurse any special needs their child may require in school. Special needs must be substantiated by medical documentation. A confidential list of students who require special needs or attention is given to all teachers that have contact with a student. This list is continually updated.

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